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Serpent's Tail classic fiction header 5.

Serpent’s Tail Fiction Templates

Template Design

Text design, specifcation and templates for Classic and Contemporary fiction

Client: Profile Books

Serpent's Tail_classic fiction-1.jpg
Serpent's Tail_classic fiction-2.jpg
Serpent's Tail_classic fiction-4.jpg
Serpent's Tail_classic fiction-6.jpg
Serpent's Tail_classic fiction-7.jpg
Serpent's Tail classic fiction spec-11.j
Serpent's Tail classic fiction spec-25.j
Serpent's Tail_contemporary fiction1.jpg
Serpent's Tail_contemporary fiction2.jpg
Serpent's Tail_contemporary fiction5.jpg
Serpent's Tail_contemporary fiction6.jpg
Serpent's Tail_contemporary fiction7.jpg
Serpent's Tail contemporary fiction spec
Serpent's Tail contemporary fiction spec
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